Our Newest Free Homeschool Curriculum- Foreign Language

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I love when I come across free homeschool curriculum! This week, I came across this DuoLingo, a website for learning languages. Right now, they offer courses in Spanish, French, German, English, Portuguese, and Italian. It works by teaching you the language through translating- with images, pictures, and vocal input with a microphone (although you can use it without a microphone).

I’ve been using it to work on my German skills, and feel like it’s really helping. I read that it’s even more effective than Rosetta Stone, and for FREE, it’s worth a try.

I’m adding it to the Free List! Check it out for more curriculum and supplements, all free. Links are organized by subject and grade level, so it’s easy to navigate. Happy Clicking!

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  1. We love duolingo — I decided to buy Rosetta Stone, but it certainly isn’t a complete package…learning other languages is hugely important to me, so it is one of the rare things I insist we all learn…thanks for this!

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