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Field Trip Friday- A Winter Walk

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This morning the kids and I set out on a nature walk with the intention of finding things that grow on trees when it looks like most of the world is dead. I’ll admit it, I am not a fan of winter. I like it well enough when I am at home, and watching the snow fall over hot cocoa. I also like it when I am sledding with the kids for about 10 minutes until my eyeballs start to feel like they are frozen open.

I just don’t like the cold. But- for the sake of my beautiful children who haven’t yet learned that Google holds all the answers, we set out on a trek to see what could have possibly survived the last week of below freezing temperatures. We found so many beautiful things! I wish I could tell you what they are, but alas, part of the goal this year is to learn to be a nature buff…. so I have no idea. Please feel free to fill me in, so I can give Bug direction tomorrow when I sit him in front of the computer to figure out “what in the heck that green stuff is”.

Without further adieu- things that grow on trees:

We had a fantastic time out in the cold, despite lugging a stroller through the woods (plug for Phil and Teds strollers- I didn’t once get stuck off roading in the snow with that bad boy). The kids only cried for the last 5 minutes of our hour long trek, so I am calling this in a win in the category of “teaching the kids to love nature”. Their eyes didn’t even get frozen over!

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