Fun Father’s Day Questionnaire for Kids!

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If you’re looking for a fun (but no-stress) way to show Dad how special he is this year on Father’s Day, help your young children complete this Father’s Day questionnaire!

Fun Father’s Day Questionnaire for Kids!

Father's Day questionnaire

I remember years ago when my youngest was a toddler. Every Sunday when I picked her up after Sunday School, the teacher (who always had an amused expression on her face), said, “Let me tell you what she said today!” 

I must admit I usually cringed and held my breath as I waited to find out what she was going to tell me. What family secret had my sweet little girl revealed? What mistake or embarrassing situation had she shared with the teacher–or the entire class?! Most of the time, the results weren’t too damaging to my reputation. {haha!} But the teacher and I always laughed about it.

Thinking back on those days when my kids were little made me remember how funny young children can be! We all love hearing and reading the funny answers our kids give when asked questions about…well…nearly anything! That’s why I decided to create this questionnaire.

It will give you a chance to have your kiddos answer all kinds of questions about Dad so you can record the answers and enjoy reading them to Dad on Father’s Day. This also makes a great keepsake to read in later years when your kids are teens or adults.

If you have more than one child, simply print a copy for each child. And if your children aren’t old enough to fill it out themselves, no worries! Ask them the questions and fill in the questions for them! (The results are usually even funnier when children are younger. And they’re often more heartfelt too since young children are usually completely honest about their feelings.)

Click here to get your printable Fun Father’s Day Questionnaire for Kids! 

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