A Fly on the Wall. . . Our Homeschool Day in Pictures

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When people hear that we Homeschool, the first thing many people say is “Oh, I could NEVER do that”. People don’t really know what Homeschooling means, or what it looks like in practice. In my home, no one homeschooling day is like the next, because we have a full plate. We have outside classes, co-ops, team sports, playdates, appointments, and of course, field trip Friday (guess what question I never get? Yup, people don’t dare ask me how my kids get “socialized.” I’m lucky like that). Some days, we’re lucky, and don’t have any outside obligations.


Today, I want to share with you a typical, “at home” Homeschool day. I feel like less people would feel like Homeschooling is something they could “never do” if they could see how it goes in action.  And, since a picture is worth a thousand words, I am going to show you with about a thousand (okay, not a thousand . . . but a lot) of pictures.

Are you ready to be a fly on my wall?

We start bright and early. Little Miss pretty much sets the schedule. She wakes up, and then the boys get up. Bug is in charge of getting all the little’s breakfast. While they eat, I do my rounds on email, Facebook and check my blog over coffee. When breakfast is done, we hit school right away.

We start the day with Little Miss paired up with Mr. Man. The boys alternate with her in the mornings, so someone is always playing with the baby.

Bug and I do math together, Right now, he is almost done with Singapore 3A, and we’ve taken a break from it get get his multiplication facts down. In this picture, he’s working on filling in facts 0-5 on a times table.

We sit down together to do Math Rider and practice the multiplication facts more. Because he is young, he’s a little asynchronous. He is able to do the 3rd grade math work, but is unable to type the facts fast enough on the keyboard. He gives me the answers orally, and I type for him.

After Math, Bug tags out with Mr. Man and heads to play with Little Miss her in room.

Handwriting without Tears isn’t ALWAYS tear free. Mr. Man has a hard time getting moving in the mornings, but he warms up quickly.

A promise that Handwriting will not, in fact, take forever later….. he’s diligently working.

At this point, Little Miss decided should couldn’t take it any longer, and relentlessly signed “please” until she got to come out of her room, so she could head to the kitchen and beg “please!” more to get some milk.

Bug helped her out, so Mr. Man and I quickly moved on to Logic of English Foundations. We reviewed our phonograms, and reviewed the previous lessons spelling list. Little Miss was being crazy demanding, so we skipped the in-depth lesson for the day. (This is why we often school on saturdays too, I try to always get in 5 days of instruction for the three R’s, but sometimes that means saving it for a day when Daddy is home to help.)

I got little Miss set up with a floor puzzle…..

And Mr. Man going with the Lego Knights (history is so much cooler when you can act it out with toys)

Bug and I got to work on Moving Beyond the Page. We’re using their literature units, and today, Bug read a chapter from “Tornado” and wrote a report on Turtles. He used our giant animal encyclopedia to look them up in the index and do the research. He did a fantastic job. I stayed close by to help keep him focused, but also spent some of the time chugging a mountain dew and planning events for the local Homeschool group and updating the facebook group with the details.

By now, it’s 11:30 and the kids are starving. Everyone eats lunch, and I am too busy eating to take pictures.

After lunch, the kids are all squirrel-y, so we take a baseball outside to play and do some “Homeschool PE”

After playing so hard, Little Miss heads to nap, which means it’s the perfect time for us to get out the hands on stuff and have some fun. Today, we did a unit from Supercharged Science, so the boys watched the lesson on the computer….

And built bridges

But I can’t tell you too much about it- The review is coming soon!

I sent Bug off to do “free reading” (and yes, reading Pokemon cards DOES count as free reading in my house. Don’t judge. Reading in all forms is good!)

Mr. Man and I did his Touch Math lesson together. Today, he started learning how to do addition, and caught on really quickly!

Little Miss woke up, and got out her “school toys” and drug them out to the living room. And while she played….

I sat down with the boys to do our history reading. This week, we’re reading “The Sword in the Tree”

Bug then got started on his cursive copywork from the history reading

Mr. Man worked with the Logic of English phonogram app….

And when all that was done, Bug sat down to practice piano. Little Miss wouldn’t leave him alone, so I took her to her room and played little people with her.

At this point, Daddy came home from work and started cooking dinner, so she ditched me for him!

That’s pretty much a typical day. Its rare that we actually get done EVERYTHING on my “To-Do” list. Missing from this day: Grammar (using MCT, because the turtle report was work enough for the morning) and we did Supercharged Science instead of Nancy Larson, which is our typical science program. Bug also missed out doing Logic of English spelling (he does it on days he doesn’t do cursive copywork, 3 days a week).

We are very busy, and some days, I feel like I do nothing but bounce back and forth between the three kids. It’s worth it. Every day, I get to see my kids learning and growing, and we have so much fun doing it.

I hope you enjoyed being a fly on my wall for our Homeschool day!

Tomorrow morning (3/26, 9 am EST), my friends and fellow bloggers from the Schoolhouse Review Crew will also be sharing their Homeschool day in pictures which you can check out by clicking the link below!


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  1. Heather, I loved being a fly on the wall! It was wonderful to see the way the kids support each other, too.

    Glad you count Pokemon cards as free reading. I truly believe if we want kids to love reading, we need to let them choose.

  2. This is great! I love seeing what other homeschoolers do all day. And even though I know your life is crazy busy, your post makes me miss the days when I had little people!

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