Elementary Color Theory {And a FREE Color Words Printable}

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I love teaching art to little kids. There is something special about seeing a little one light up as they squish their paintbrush into a tub of paint, and brush it ever so carefully across their papers. There is something magical too about the first time they mix their colors and realize every color of the rainbow is there for the making. Color is a beautiful thing, and today, I want to make it a little easier for you to teach your kids all about it.

I uploaded two files to our shop today. The first is a FREE color words word wall for you to download to use with your kids. I share printables like this often because they are just gold in my house. I print two copies, and laminate both. I give one set to my 5 year old, who uses them to practice reading and copying words correctly. The second set I cut in half. The half with the words goes up in the pocket chart for spelling reference and reading practice, and the second set goes to my 7 year old who uses them to practice spelling this words. It’s a fantastic way to improve vocabulary and feature spelling words, so I hope you download them and give them a try!

Download a free color words word wall and readwrite pack_opt
Free Download in our Teachers Pay Teachers Store

The second file is a Elementary Color theory pack. This pack has 72 pages, and is perfect for teaching elementary kids about color. This pack includes more than just primary colors- there are pages to print and paint on!

Color Theory Worksheets
Get our Color Theory Pack in our Shop!

This pack includes:

Word Wall cards with Read/Write option in both cursive and manuscript font.

Vocabulary Posters (Hue, Value, Warm colors, Cool colors, Primary Colors, Secondary Colors, Tertiary Colors, Complementary/Contrasting Colors)

Color Wheels
Warm and Cool Colors
Vocabulary Practice
Experimenting with Hue
Experimenting with Value
Experimenting with Contrasting Colors
Experimenting with Warm and Cool Colors
Color Mixing

I hope you enjoy learning about color with this pack!

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