Eat your heart out Playmobil!

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I wanted so badly to get my hands on the pyramid playmobil playset…. but they discontinued it. I have been all over Germany looking for the set, and did find a few of the accessory sets on clearance, but no pyramid.

Luckily, my kids have a resourceful (my husband calls it stubborn) mother who was GOING to get a pyramid to play with. So we made one  out of cardboard.

I must say, ours was better than playmobils (and a heck of a lot cheaper).

The Great Pyramid in Giza was originally covered in smooth sheets of white limestone, and capped with gold, so we painted ours accordingly.

The kids decorated the inside with “gold” and hieroglyphs fit for a pharaoh.

We stuck the mummy we dug out earlier this month in the middle, and the kids proceeded to reenact the battle between lower and upper egypt with the playmobil dudes.

I’d call the effort 100 percent worth it.

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