Manuscript Christmas Carol Copywork

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Many families (mine included) enjoy singing or listening to Christmas carols during the holidays. In fact, I usually start listening to Christmas music in early November even though my teenage daughter feels like it’s an unspoken rule that the Christmas season doesn’t begin until the day after Thanksgiving. (We have to agree to disagree about that!) We do agree, though, that we love listening to Christmas carols and that it’s fun to sing along whether we’re listening to the radio, singing at church, or going Christmas caroling.

One thing I’ve learned over many years of having children is that kids sometimes hear song lyrics differently than we adults do. After all, many young children have never seen Christmas lyrics written down, and they have to go by what they hear rather than what they see. That can result in some very amusing versions of popular Christmas songs. (Have any of you had children who insist the lyrics say, “Olive, the other reindeer…”?! Haha!) 

 A fun way to help our young kids learn Christmas lyrics and improve their handwriting at the same time is by doing some Manuscript Christmas Carol Copywork! (We also have some Christmas Carol Cursive Copywork worksheets available for those who have children who are working on cursive writing.) This can be a fun way of “doing school” and keeping our kids busy doing something productive while making it seem like they’re not really doing schoolwork. (That’s a win/win situation!)

If you’re getting ready to go Christmas caroling or even if you just want your kids to learn the lyrics to some traditional Christmas carols, you’ll love this Manuscript Christmas Carol Copywork! It includes the lyrics to six well-loved Christmas songs including:

  1. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  2. Jingle Bells
  3. Silent Night
  4. Santa Clause Is Coming to Town
  5. We Wish You a Merry Christmas
  6. Away in a Manger

If you also have older kids and want to use our Christmas Carol Cursive Copywork with them, be sure to download both sets of worksheets! (If you’re not sure about whether or not to teach your older children to write in cursive, you can read my article addressing the question “Is Teaching Cursive Writing Important?”)

CLICK HERE to find our Manuscript Christmas Carol Copywork pages.

CLICK HERE to find out Cursive Christmas Carol Copywork pages.

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