Mother Goose Monday: Schooling on the Go

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Today was one of those rough days. I really don’t see how we got a single thing done. The boys were super cranky, and I am super tired (I’m starting to feel like I am in the final countdown for this pregnancy, although realistically, I could have as many as 7 weeks to go if Baby is stubborn!). We were just done today.

But- you can only be so done when you homeschool, and have three active kiddos.

About 15 minutes before we were supposed to be at the kid’s gymnastics class, I remembered that it was the first day of the new Rainforest Adventures box from Mother Goose Time…. so I threw the teacher pack and first day pack in my bag to take with us to class.


A while back, I shared with you the “fancy” way I had been preparing our Mother Goose Time curriculum for the month. I like to laminate the pieces so I can save them for future unit studies and be really organized, but lately, I get ready for the day simply by opening the pouch and teaching!

In our “go bag” I keep the basic stuff, pens and pencils for the boys, scrap paper, crayons, scissors and a glue stick, and luckily, those are the same basic things Little Miss needs for school.

When we got to class, we just dug in with her lesson while the boys did their thing:


LOL don’t judge the can- she’s finishing off my carbonated water- it’s not soda! 

Luckily, her school is “open and go” while she ate her snack, I quickly looked over what we were going to do for the day, and we dug in.


We started with the  poster for the day- Go Diego Go is one of her favorite shows, so she had no trouble naming rainforest animals.


She worked on name strips- but was in a goofy mood. Today she pretty much doodled after tracing her name instead of writing any more.


Then, I let her have the scissors to get some cutting practice in.


The craft for today was a rainforest collage.


She says the animals live under the trees, and the little colors are “birdies” that fly above them.


Then, we pulled out the theme poster, this is her pretending to be a Jaguar.



She stayed busy the rest of the hour looking at the poster and finding all the neat things hidden in the  picture.

Today went so well that I think we’ll probably tote our lessons along with us more often!

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*FTC disclosure- we were given this curriculum for free in exchange for sharing about our experience. All opinions are my own!*

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