A Love Letter to the States

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We are attempting a flight back to the states today (attempting, because I am not really *sure* we’ll be on it….. but we are Go for Space A) and I don’t know if I am thrilled, or heartbroken. I have written a poem for the occasion.

I love Drive Thru.

I do not love having the Flu.

I enjoy seeing out National Treasures.

On a couch, sleeping is not a Pleasure.

Pay at the pump gas makes me grin,

Too many cheese-it choices make my head spin.

I love the States,

But I’m heading home and I can not wait.

Oh Chipotle, How I’ll Miss Thee

*Don’t judge me, the flu is lingering, and I can’t sleep because I have three sick children. And Also, I am Awesome. SO. There*

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