Build a Lego Gingerbread House

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Mix Christmas with engineering and challenge your Lego® maniac to build their own Lego gingerbread house!

We call it seasonal STEM fun! Legos were a major part of our homeschool; they help foster creativity and sharpen critical thinking skills (have you ever tried to build the Lego Star Wars At-At?). In this activity, your child will follow the photos below to build this cute Lego gingerbread house. When finished, challenge them to build a Lego gingerbread village. The entire family could plan a Lego building night. Make some hot chocolate, bake some yummy Christmas cookies (check our recipe links at the end of this post), and build a Lego gingerbread house or two!

Build a Lego Gingerbread House

Before starting, have your children gather the Lego pieces. It’s so much easier, especially when starting on a project like the gingerbread house. If you don’t have the exact pieces, that’s okay; use the opportunity to help work on problem solving skills and find substitutions. “What can be used in place of those pieces?” “How many ‘bumps’ does it need to have?” Questions like this guide our children through learning to problem solve.

Legos needed for the gingerbread house:

  • 1 white base plate
  • 2 white 6×10 plates
  • 4 white fence 1×4
  • 1 white ice cream scoops
  • 1 white 1×6 brick with arch
  • 3 white 1×4 brick with knobs
  • 2 white 1×3 bricks
  • 2 white 2×4 roof tiles with 45º angle
  • 1 white 2×2 plate
  • 4 white 1×2 bricks
  • 1 white 1×2 plate with bow
  • 4 white 1×6 plates
  • 3 white 2×4 plates
  • 14 white 1×4 plates
  • 15 white plates 1×1 with tand
  • 6 white 1×4 wall elements with crosses
  • 4 white 1×2 plates with stick 3.18
  • 4 white 1×2 plates with holder vertical
  • 11 white 1×2 plates
  • 9 transparent red 1×2 bricks
  • 9 transparent green 1×2 bricks
  • 1 red 1×6 flat tile
  • 21 green round 1×1 plates
  • 25 red round 1×1 plates
  • 12 brown palisade 1×4 bricks
  • 15 brown palisade 1×2 bricks
  • 24 brown corner 1x2x2 bricks
  • 3 brown 2×3 bricks
  • 4 brown 2×4 bricks
  • 2 brown 2×4 plates
  • 3 brown 2×6 plates
  • 4 brown 1×2 bricks
  • 2 brown 1×2 plates
  • 2 brown 1×2 plates with bow
  • 2 brown 2×4 roof tiles with 45º angle
  • 19 brown 1×2 roof tiles with 45º angle

Steps for Building a Lego Gingerbread House:

Let’s build the first wall in the gingerbread house.

Build the windows for the Lego gingerbread house. You’ll need to do these steps twice, so you end up with two windows.



Next, we’ll reinforce the ends of the first wall of the gingerbread house. Talk to your child about why engineers need to reinforce walls when building.


Reinforce along the top of the wall. Ask your child, “What do you think would happen if we didn’t reinforce the top and the the walls?”



Let’s build the other walls of the Lego gingerbread house!


Let’s build the center piece that will connect the front to the back and is part of the roof. This serves as a big part of the reinforcement for the roof on the Lego gingerbread house.

What a cute house! Build a series of Lego gingerbread houses and make a Christmas or winter village! Don’t worry if you don’t have these exact bricks, use what you have on hand to make a Lego village.

Taking the Build-A-Lego Gingerbread House Challenge Further

We could actually change the colors of the Lego bricks used and turn the gingerbread house into a “regular” house! Replace the candy canes with trees and flowers.

Challenge your child to:

  • Add another window
  • Add a door that opens
  • Add reinforcement
  • Double the size of the house

Additional Resources to Go with this Build a Lego Gingerbread House Activity

Lego building challenges are a great way to add hands-on to your science, history, or even a literature study. If you’re reading the Little House series, build a log cabin, build a barn, build a horse and cart! The possibilities are endless. My son used to hand upside down off the bed or couch and assemble a Lego creation while I read to him. Cherish the age where your kids love to build with Legos and add this Lego gingerbread house to your activities or one of our other challenges here:

If you’re family is going to make an event out of building Lego gingerbread houses, make some hot cocoa and Christmas cookies to enjoy. Here are some of our favorites:




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