Biology & Life Science Homeschool Curriculum

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Are you hoping to study biology or life science next year with your homeschooler?

Kids are naturally curious, and you don’t have to do much to encourage them to learn about the world around them. Below are some great curriculum choices to help guide them in their explorations in the life sciences/biology areas. With budgets for everyone, maybe one of these will be just what you’ve been looking for! Enjoy!

Biology and Life Science Curriculum

FREE: Otter’s Homeschool Biology– this is a high school schedule built around books and materials you can purchase easily. The author has put together resources for a complete curriculum that you can follow free of charge.

FREE: The Lab of Mr. Q– this is a completely free downloadable program, that you can print and use for the year. Mr. Q also sells pdf curriculum for the other science topics. If you like his life science, pick up the others on sale in the late winter! (subscribe to his email list so you don’t miss it!)

From $30 – $100: Apologia Elementary Science Series/Apologia Jr. High/High School Science Series– Apologia is a fan favorite among many homeschoolers. The textbooks are thorough, and the student workbooks make it easy for parents to use. This is an unapologetic (haha) Christian curriculum, so if you prefer secular science, it probably isn’t the right choice for you.

Less than $60: R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey– This program is secular, and is a fantastic one to start with if you aren’t sure what you want to use for science this year. They have a try before you buy program, and you can download the whole first section of the book for free.

From $40-$100: Real Science 4 Kids Biology– this is a secular program consisting of a textbook, student workbook and lab book. It’s quick, text-based lessons and worksheets. Simple to teach, and complete.

From $30 – $200: Moving Beyond the Page (all ages)– This is probably my personal favorite from this list. Moving Beyond the Page has fabulous units that you can purchase as a stand alone. You probably would want 4-6 units for a full year of study, or do less and incorporate extra reading into your studies!

Less than $100: Science Sheperd Biology (High School)– This is a Christian based science program with a DVD to accompany it. The DVD includes the experiments, and it’s really nice to have!

Around $100: Prentice Hall Biology– for older students, this traditional textbook program is easy to use at home despite being marketed to public schoolers. Get the textbook and workbook, and go with it!

Did we miss any of your biology favorites? Share them in the comments?

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