Crafty Christmas- Painted Ornaments

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This year for Hubby’s Kids Christmas Party, I helped out with the crafts and made these beautiful ornaments with the kids:

To make these, you need:

For this project, I used metallic paints and a plain gloss medium.

To prep, fill your squeeze bottles with a 1-1 mixture of acrylic paint and medium, or paint and water. Shake it up really well!

Then squeeze paint into the ornaments. You really don’t need much paint in there, I let it run about halfway down, and do about 8 streaks of color.

This is about all the paint streaks you need

Next is the fun part, put your thumb over the top hole, and shake, shake, shake the ornament until the whole thing is covered in paint. You may need to add another streak of paint to any blank spaces, especially if your paint is thick.

After the initial shake- shake it one more time after about 20 minutes to get a really good marbled effect, or leave it like this!

At this point, set it down to rest for a little while. Put any blank spots of sides needing more color down, as the color will still run while it is drying. After about 20 minutes, go back and give it another little shake to really get the colors to marble.

It’s such an easy, practically mess free way to make beautiful ornaments!

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