Motivate Your Kids to Clean

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A couple weeks ago, one of my blogging friends from Blooming With Joy contacted me about the ebook/chore card system she wrote called “Motivate Your Kids to Clean.” I don’t know about you, but I am drowning over here. Four kids is kind of a LOT of kids. I do my best to keep up with them, but the math just isn’t in my favor, with my two hands against their 80 sticky fingers.

The good news is, Bug and Mr. Man (and even Little Miss if you catch her on a good day) are totally capable of being a helping force around the house.

The bad news is, I don’t always know how to facilitate that helping.

Growing up, I helped because it was just something we did… and I have no idea how my parents got us to that point. Clearly, they used some sort of mind-control or something. My kids, well, they need a little more motivation.

Enter Michelle’s eBook.

Keep the Clutter Moving

Michelle has such wonderful advice. The general idea is that we don’t need to be perfect (thank goodness) and that effort counts. You want to keep that clutter moving. Keep the kids moving. Keep your head up, and keep trying.

Trying is about all I have to offer these days!

Along with the kind advice, she also has practical tips, and a print and go system in the eBook, so you aren’t just reading nice ideas, you are handed a way to get it done. The chore cards are wonderful, they outline exactly what the kids need to do, so your expectations are clear, and everyone is able to get the job done.

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