States and Capitals Printable Flash Cards and Worksheets

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The first point of order in our Geography study for the big kids is to familiarize them with the United States. I made these States and Capitals printable flashcards and worksheets for them to hopefully master their US map skills quickly!

Since we lived in Germany for the past three years, they are woefully uneducated on the United States. Mr. Man seems to think we’re still in a different country from our family back home in California, and none of them know more than a handful of states.

State and Capital Unit Study

This pack includes a flash card set which includes state images on one side, and the state name and capital on the other. You can print them two sided, or print separately to use as a memory match game.

Also included are worksheets with a crossword, word search, word scramble, and a code breaker activity, as well as a worksheet to use with an atlas. Also included are maps for the US regions, and a full US map for labeling or coloring.

States and Capitals flash cards and worksheets

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Maps by Dancing Crayon and Frame Graphics by Scrappin Doodles (license here)

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