States and Capitals Printable Flashcards and Worksheets

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The states and capitals are something your children will study sooner or later. Whether they learn them as part of United States history, during a geography class, or as part of a specific study of the states and capitals, these flashcards and worksheets are a perfect addition to your study!

states and capitals

This pack includes a set of flashcards with an image of the state on one side and the name of the capital on the other (if you choose to print them front and back). Or, if you’d rather, you can print the states on one page and the capitals on another page so you can use them as a memory match game.

You’ll also get worksheets with a crossword puzzle, word search, word scramble, and a fun code-breaker activity. There’s a page to use with an atlas too.

Besides individual states and capitals, there are maps for regions of the United States too.

State and Capital Unit Study

And there’s a full US map for your kids to color and label for practice and study purposes. You may also choose to use this map as a way of checking to see which states and capitals your children have committed to memory and which ones need more work.

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Maps by Dancing Crayon and Frame Graphics by Scrappin Doodles (license here)

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