ABC Animals Read and Write Center {ABCs for Me}

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This activity has been a huge hit with Little Miss. I wanted to put together something that would allow her to practice her emergent reading skills, and still have her practicing writing the words we’ve been learning with the ABC Animals packs.

Setting it up is easy- once you print the pack, go ahead and send it through the laminator so you can use the writing center again and again. If you are using the ABC Animals packs as a full curriculum for your preschoolers, you’ll want this set to last you the whole time- so lamination is your friend!


Then, cut the strips apart. If you don’t want to do the whole set up, you could leave the word cards and line cards together (as in, keep all the Cats connected) so your child can just sit at the table and use these for copy work- but I really like how it works separately.

I put the cards with the words in our tabletop pocket chart, and then I covered the animal pictures with ABC cards (don’t have any- use our puzzle pieces or make your own with notecards) and left the word visible. I only put up about five animals at a time, and then I placed the corresponding lined cards on the table in front of Little Miss.


Playing is easy- I had her pick a word off the pocket chart, and sound it out. Once she figured out the word, I had her choose the corresponding writing card from the table, and then she could uncover the picture to “check her work.” Once she had read the word and found the match, she wrote the word on her lined card.

DSC_0900 Then, we moved on to do the rest. Easy-peasy!

ABC Animals Read and Write

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