A full year of preschool/kindergarten handwriting, animal studies and math in one open-and-go book!

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What you'll learn:

In this activity book, your child will practice writing letters and numbers while learning with a fun animal theme.  

This workbook is packed with activities and challenges, including letter formation and recognition, tracing and copying, coloring, animal research, counting, addition, and ordinal numbers.  

Pages are top bound to make it easier for both right- and left-handed students to write without the binding getting in the way.  

Each letter of the alphabet includes 9 pages of content, with a total of 258 total pages of fun! A suggested schedule is included to easily use this book for a full school year worth of learning. 



Research animals with your child and learn more about them with science, language and math pages.

Easy Prep

Most of the workbook is student directed - kids can work independently through the content.


Hands On

The activity book includes hands on expansion activities for more small and large motor practice.

Have fun while learning to write letters:

"I bought this for my preschooler, but I could easily see this working for an advanced 3 year old all the way to a struggling 7 year old. This is such a great book, I feel like it's learning camouflaged as fun. My kiddo loves opening this up to learn his letters. It's such a win, he's not fighting me to practice writing letters anymore! Lots of practice is included, not just one page per letter like most books. Because let's be realistic, which preschooler learns a letter the first time through? The animals are cute, and the coloring pages included are awesome and motivating for my kiddo! I love that it opens from the top so it's great for both left handed and right handed writers. I can even see this book going with us to work on with my preschooler while we wait for big siblings to be done at soccer practice, appointments, and such."

-Amazon "verified purchase" review

"I purchased this for my five year old preschooler. As soon as we opened the package he let out a huge “WOOOWWWWW”. He loves the pictures and has been asking to do his “homework” with me every day. So obviously a win for him. As for the quality of the book itself- it far exceeded my expectations of a children’s work book. It has a very sturdy, durable paperback cover. Usually after a few days of heavy use with my son book covers are starting to crease. The pages themselves have a nice weight to them and I don’t worry about him tearing the book everytime he turns the page. Originally I was planning to photocopy each page, and the layout with the binding at the top of each page would be perfect for that, but after seeing the high quality and kid friendly layout we just went for it. I would definitely recommend this work book and I look forward to seeing what else this author comes out with."

-Amazon "verified purchase" review