Story of the World- Egypt Week 1

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We started our Egypt studies this week and the boys are officially mummy obsessed! This week I finally let them break into their mummy archeology kits that I have been hoarding for months.

The kits came with plaster blocks, covered in hieroglyphs, as well as a wooden tool and brush.

We started off very careful, and found the head of the sarcophagus quickly!

The plaster was much harder than I expected, so I brought out the real tools. I was afraid if I made them keep chipping at it slowly they would loose the thrill and want to quit. The hammar broke the plaster much easier and I was able to make it more manageable for Mr. Man.

Both boys were too busy digging for mummies to look up and smile for me!

The first thing Mr. Man did when he found his mummy was inspect it to “make sure they took out this mummy’s brains!”


Bug wrapped his mummy in the “cloth” before taking it to his room and hiding it in his “treasure box”

The kit was a huge hit, both boys were focused the whole time! The best part was that they seemed to really learn something from it. Bug was able to make the observation that it must take *FOREVER* for archeologists to dig things up since they have to be so careful to not break their “treasures” and that archeology is dusty! He was amazed at the amount of mess breaking apart the plaster caused, and wanted to know if real archeologists “have a fan or use a mask or something so they don’t breathe the dust”.





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