ABC Animal Reports

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This pack brings in science and geography to our ABC Animals Handwriting Activity Book. Spend some time learning about each of the animals with your children. Before you start the worksheet, learn about their habit, and if possible, mark their location on the world map. Many of the animals in this pack are general (dogs, cats, fish) which is a good opportunity for you to discuss domesticated vs. wild animals and different types of dogs and cats which can be found all around the world.

Once you have satisfied your child’s curiosity, help them complete the worksheets. These are ideal for Pre-K to Kindergarten students, but depending on your child’s ability, they may need your help transcribing their animal facts.

Each page includes a place to write the animal name, a fact about them, their color (or, for older children, classification), and what they eat. Space is included to draw the animal or their habitat. 26 pages are included.


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