Field Trip Friday: Ancient Shipbuilding Museum

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This week, we started our Ancient Rome study using Story of the World (I rearranged the chapters geographically- so if it’s about Rome, we’re on it!). I was SO excited to take the kids to the Ancient Shipbuilding museum in Mainz.

Zu sehen ist eine Rekonstruktion eines römischen Militärschiffs mit Segeln.

In the 80’s, they pulled up the ruins of Roman ships from the Rhine river in Mainz, Germany. This museum displays these ruins, as well as full size replicas of two of the ships. One of the workers in the museum told us the ships were 5000 years old, and they were preserved so well because there isn’t much oxygen down in the mud, so they did not decompose.

Zu sehen sind die Reste eines römischen Schiffwracks der Spätantike im Orginal.

We weren’t allowed to take pictures of the ships, so all I have to share are the pictures from the website, and the ones we took in the kid’s area. If you are in the Wiesbaden/Mainz area and are interested in Roman history, I highly recommend checking out this free museum!

Pictures are not mine- they are from the website linked above.

Field Trip Friday

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