Mother Goose Monday: Super Siblings

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So this week, we’ve been all about making “super suits” for the kiddos during our Mother Goose Time school. Choosing to combine Mr. Man with Em this month was the right choice for sure, because I have been WAY in over my head.

Did I tell you we are moving yet? We are. And I am more than a little heart broken about it. Germany has become “home” to me, more than any other place. Which is strange, really, when you think about it, because I’ve been moving every couple years for a decade now, and know that my future holds much of the same for at least another 10 or so years.

I should know better than to get attached to a place!

Since “operation get ready to move across the ocean” is full swing, we haven’t made nearly as much progress with school as I would have hoped, but that’s okay. On any given day, I’m either cleaning and organizing like a mad-woman, or I am curled up on the couch, eating chocolate, and crying while looking at all our travel pictures (I know, it’s sad).

This week, despite my mini-meltdown, we did get SOME things done. The theme of the month is “Superheros” and it covers everything from superheros of the imaginary type, to community helpers, to things the kids can do to make the world a better place.

They painted masks and capes and belts, and we were super excited to put them all on together…. until we realized that Daddy (bless his heart) threw away our crafts while he was trying to clean up the homeschool area in preparation for the mover-men to come over.

Luckily, for the kids, the process was the best part!

DSC_0798 DSC_0788 DSC_0784
So far, I am pleasantly surprised at how well Mr. Man has taken to Mother Goose Time, despite being a 6 year old first grader. The Superhero theme has helped for sure (because there is nothing this boy loves more than Batman) but not at any point has he complained about it being too “babyish” (which is the complaint of the day around here for most things…).

This week, my whole goal is to pull off more than just a couple school days, in the hope that staying busy will distract me from the fact that I have to say goodbye to my stuff in a few short days and say goodbye to home! Wish me luck!


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