La Trappe Brewery

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I have a dear, sweet friend who has been offering to take my kids for the weekend for months. I hadn’t left them yet, mostly because I was worried they would either kill themselves, or make her crazy. I realized I was crazy for not just leaving my kids on her porch and speeding away before she could change her mind, so this past weekend we made arrangements and skipped down, just Hubby and I.

We started our adventure at La Trappe, a Trappist monastery and brewery in the Netherlands. Hubby is a huge beer nerd, and part of our Europe Bucketlist includes visiting all the Trappist monasteries/breweries (we have now been to 5 of the 8) who brew some of the best beers in the world.

Latrappe (4)
The road to the Monastery- Beautiful, isn’t it?

The Trappist monasteries rarely let you actually go in them unless you are a guest (you can book a stay at a monastery if you are looking for some worship and reflection). La Trappe lets you get just close enough to snap a picture through the fence.

Latrappe (3)

La Trappe

On the grounds they also have a book shop which sells religious articles, and the various goods the monks make- chocolate, cheese and beer. Oh my, the beer! They also have a restaurant where you can try each of the beers they brew, and food cooked with it.

Latrappe (2)

The best cheese in the world!

I’m really not a beer drinker, and I don’t particularly like cheese normally. But at La Trappe? I couldn’t get enough. The cheese in this picture was like silk , and it had roasted garlic in it, and tasted like heaven in my mouth. I was even able to find a beer I really liked, their White Trappist. It was bubbly and crisp and delicious, and I actually drank the whole thing. It was a first for me, and was wonderful!


The Witte Trappist.

La Trappe was absolutely worth the visit, and we’ll be headed back soon for more of that delicious cheese. They do brewery tours on the weekends, so we need to go back to try that too, since we didn’t have time this trip!

Latrappe (5)


Today we are back home with the kiddos (whom we missed SO much while we were gone!) and are back to our normal Homeschool routine, but I have a lot more to share with you about Amsterdam, the Anne Frank house, and Holland’s beautiful tulips, so look for those posts this week!

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