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The Homeschool Co-Op is in full swing here, and we are totally loving it. In our area, we do 6 week long classes, meeting one day a week. Bug is in a Dissection class, a Lego based class, and German. Mr. Man is in the Preschool, and Little Miss hangs out in the nursery.


I can not believe how big she is getting! Last year, she was one of the littlest babies in the nursery, and this year, shes one of the biggest.

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Dissection is hands down Bug’s favorite class. So far, they have done cow’s eyes and sheep hearts, and he goes on and on about how cool (and gross!) they are.


The Lego class covers all sorts of different topics with each week being focused around a new challenge.



I’m Co-Teaching Public Speaking with a friend for this Co-Op, and the kids have such great ideas to share!

I’m so thrilled at how talented and creative the homeschooling Moms are in our group. They are doing a great job teaching the kids, and I am glad they are covering things I would have never been able (or in the case of dissection- wanted) to teach. I think many people have a misconception about homeschoolers and them being socially isolated; it’s so not the case, at least with us! I feel like we are always busy hanging out with other families, and I am SO glad they are willing to share their time and talents with us.

(Thanks to another wonderful Homeschooling Mom, Kim, for these awesome pictures of the Co-Op!)

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