Why your Emergent Reader needs a Kindle Fire

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Last Christmas my oldest child received a Kindle Fire. He had just begun to read that year, and was doing well with books like Nate the Great and The Magic Treehouse series, but I was anxious for him to progress from the emergent to fluent reading stages.

I love to read, and I want my kids to enjoy it as well. In order to really enjoy reading though, you have to get past sounding out words, and really learn how to read expressively and smoothly.

The Kindle Fire is the perfect tool to help kids start to enjoy longer and more complicated books. It has a feature called Immersion Reading, which takes Audible Audio books, and pairs them with their kindle book counterparts…. and then it reads the story aloud to your child.

Not only do they hear the story, but the kindle book automatically highlights the words, so your child can effortlessly follow along with the narration. Audible Audio books are extremely well done, many with well-known voice actors reading the story. They read with expression, using their voices and emotion to bring the story alive, which sets a wonderful example for your child.

In the last year, Bug has devoured everything from classics such as Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan, and newer books like the Hobbit and Harry Potter. His ability to read with expression, and read fluidly (without pauses, or awkward phrasing) has changed exponentially.

Because the audio book is there to support him and help him bring the story to life, Bug isn’t afraid to choose longer or more complicated books to read. Even as a newer reader early last year, he was freed from “beginner books” and was able to read anything he wanted… and there is something special about not being held back because of your fluency.

I really can’t think of a better purchase we’ve made for our homeschool than the Kindle Fire when it comes to helping my child read with ease. The Kindle Fire hasn’t been a crutch either, as he has read more and more books with the support of Immersion Reading, I’ve also handed him hard copy books, and now he can read those with ease too!


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