Weather Unit, Part 2

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We are still working on our weather unit. I want to say I am still loving it, but I am so ready for it to be over.  A month talking about weather and seasons is a bit much for my attention span, but the Kids are still loving it. Check out our projects!

We were supposed to make a weather vane, but Dad decided a wind sock would be much more fun. So he made one, out of a dish towel, a broom, a coat hanger, two screws, and some cardboard. I’m impressed with his creativity. I am a little disappointed that my broom now has two screws in the handle. My poor neglected broom is probably just happy that it got brought out of the closet for something. The floor is still dirty. (that face is because its cold and I wasn’t moving fast enough)

Bug was in charge of using the compass to figure out which way the wind was blowing. South West today!

Bug thought he was going to be blown away! (and yes, Dad is ALWAYS in shorts. Even in the wind and rain and freezing cold.)

We also did this nifty experiment to see the water cycle in action. In the jar we put boiling water, and on top we put ice cubes. Hot water evaporated, then condensed, then came down as rain in our little jar.


The boys LOVED it. We did it two ways, because it was hard to see in the little jar. The big jar worked MUCH better, because the lid sealed tightly and there was more viewing room.

Next up, we test wind speed, and look at the reason for the seasons!

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