Magic E Fold and Read: Long A

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Today’s printable is a fold-and-read printable pack for long A/magic e words. Little Miss has been a struggling reader, and for some reason, magic e words are a big challenge for her.

I came up with this simple pack for her so she could have a tangible way to play with these magic e words and see that there is a difference in the sound the letter a makes with and without an e on the end of the word.

Here’s how the magic e fold and read printables work:

Start by having your child read the “nonsense” word on the front of the card. We played by using silly voices. Without the magic e, all these words have the short a sound.

Then, have your child fold the card on the dotted line, so the e and the image are on the front. They can then read the word. Remind them that with the magic e, the a makes the long a sound (or, says its name).

Work your way through the stack of words, and practice reading them again and again until it’s easy and natural. More packs will be available for the other vowels soon, check our shop for those files!

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