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Valentine’s Day Multiplication Practice

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Valentine's Day Multiplication Practice Worksheets FP

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Time to eat a whole bunch of chocolate and chalk-flavored candy . . . and sit down to a stack of multiplication drill sheets.

I know many children don’t mind multiplication drill sheets, and some even get excited to race the clock and show off their super-awesome math skills. My kids are not those kids. But, they still need to practice their math facts, so this week, Bug and Doodle are being given the gift of drill sheets, with a decidedly Valentine’s Day spin.

I am pretty sure they will love them. Maybe.

Hopefully, your kids will love them too!

Grab your set in our shop- there are four pages of drill sheets, and answer keys are provided for parents who also do not love drill sheets.

Valentine's Day Multiplication Practice Worksheets PG

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