The One Where They All Turn 30- In Amsterdam

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What can I say about Amsterdam…?

The buildings all tilt in just enough to make you wonder if you should find something to prop them up with…. And come to think of it, many of the people look as if they could use a good propping-up too. There is a fair amount of bright eyed tourists, yes, but sprinkled among them are the college students, the packs of women celebrating a “hen’s night” and the drunken men in drag.

The streets are full of crowds, and a sticky sweet haze that makes me wonder if I would fail a drug test tomorrow just because I stood here tonight. We came to this city without a plan, and found that maybe we really should have consulted a map before I turned the corner and found myself with only a window between myself and a happy looking prostitute’s bare skin.

We arrived on a Saturday evening, and clearly, it was the wrong time of the day to be gallivanting around a city known for its bustling adult industry and “coffee shops” that will get you high on more than a caffeine buzz. It didn’t take long for us to become uncomfortable and tired of the street scene, so we retreated back to our hotel for a nice, quiet evening IN.

Amsterdam (2)

Our trip to Amsterdam was planned to celebrate Hubby’s 30th birthday. It cracks me up a little that neither Hubby nor I found the city amusing (too old for all that jazz!). Instead, we found our way to the hotel bar and restaurant where we could eat burgers and play a little GO without worrying about the air quality.


I’m finding it hard to believe I’m married to a 30 year old man, and that I am really not that far behind him. Luckily, he just gets better with age (Thank you military for encouraging his meat-head behavior!)  So I don’t have to trade him in for a younger model.  It just blows my mind a little that “our thirties” are here so fast. Next year, we’ll have to find a more age appropriate place to ring in his birthday!

Birthday (2)

(Okay, I know the comments are coming. I know we are super young, especially for a homeschooling family… But, being married to a 30 year old man still makes me feel a little old!)

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