Field Trip Friday: Polish Pottery, Bolesławiec, Poland

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My poor kids have been sick for going on a month now. If it’s not a cold, or the flu, it’s food poisoning or an eye infection. We’re a hot mess over here. Sadly, this means we also haven’t really left the house in a month. So- you get another grown-up field trip post today!


poland2See that face? That’s my super excited to be on a “Girl’s Trip” face. I’ve never actually been on a Girl’s Trip until last week, but it’s my new favorite thing. I loaded in a friends car to head off on an adventure to Bolesławiec, Poland with the intention of doing nothing more than chatting, shopping, and eating.

Poland 9The drive to Poland- I’m pretty sure we passed through Narnia.

I’d love to tell you we went to Poland to see the sites and do something educational…. but no. Instead, we went there for one thing.


Bolesławiec is the motherland for all things pretty and painted. They specialize in pottery in every pattern and color imaginable. The best part is that it is insanely cheap. Some places and patterns are more pricey than others, but for the most part, everything is a steal.

When I got in the car to start the weekend, I was sure that I was really only going for the experience of hanging out with my friends. I thought I didn’t really like Polish Pottery. I was so wrong.

Poland 5It didn’t take me long to fall in love with a pattern and end up with a box full of goodies to take home. I was lucky that the pattern I loved wasn’t terribly expensive.

Poland 6After a busy day of pottery shopping, we all headed for dinner at this adorable restaurant. Most of the town still looked very much like it was stuck in the communist era of square, plain buildings- but this place had all the character and tradition I was hoping to see. If you’ve been to Europe, you’ll be blown away that I was able to get a full dinner, a soda AND dessert for a whole 7 Euro 50 (that’s about 10 USD!) at this cute place.

Poland 7After dinner, it was back to the bed and breakfast to unload our spoils and see what the heck we even bought. We may have gone a little overboard as a group. One of my friends said “You drove 12 hours round trip, get what you WANT!” . . . and we all listened to her.

PolandI had an amazing time, and I am so thrilled with my new Polish pottery collection. Someday, I’ll hand it down to my babies- but in the meantime we’re going to have tons of tea parties!

A huge thanks to my beautiful friend, Halee, who let me use the photos she took because I forgot to bring my camera battery on this trip. She also happens to be an incredibly talented blogger- so head on over to her little spot on the web to see a much more detailed and helpful post all about how to make the most of a Polish Pottery shopping experience!

Field Trip FridayIf you are local- just go. You may say you don’t like Polish Pottery. That’s only because you haven’t seen ALL the options. You need pottery. GO. And when you go, save me a seat in the car. I want to go back. Also, message me, and I can send you a detailed list of where to go with GPS addresses and everything. My pal put it together and it’s polish pottery shopping gold.

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  1. Looks like such a fun trip! A bunch of ladies from here just did the same but unfortunately I can’t leave my nursing baby 🙁

    I still might take some pottery home with me though… That’s great you got to see a little snow too!

  2. I love this! While there for 4 years I did not go to Poland, but have an extensive Polish Pottery collection! I tended to get all sorts of patterns! We are still waiting on our shipment from Germany. It has been hard settling here in Virginia!

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