In Paris: Love Lock Bridge

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When we were in Paris, Hubby and I made sure to stop on the Pont des Arts to leave our own Love Lock on the bridge. They say (don’t ask me who ‘they’ are) if you place a lock on the bridge with your love, and toss they key, that you’ll be together forever.

Lock (4)

Hubby and I aren’t naive enough to think that marriage and forever is this easy. We’re both on our second marriages (I know, we’re young, but hey, stupid happens to young people too) and joke that “third times the charm” since collectively, this is #3 (one for me, one for him, one together). We both learned so much from our “past lives”- especially what not to do.

It’s hard to have a divorce without learning a whole bunch of really painful lessons. The number one lesson being nothing is as easy at making a promise, locking a lock, and throwing away the key.

Lock (2)

This month, Hubby and I will have been married for 3 years. I am thrilled to say we are going strong, we are happy, and every day we are learning more about how to make this marriage work.

And I have a lock on a bridge in Paris to prove that I am committed to keep on keeping on with this handsome man of mine.

Lock (3)

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