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Surprise! We’re in DC!

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I’ve been homesick and really just needed a change of pace, so the kids and I braved the military’s AWESOME space available travel system to get back to the east coast to visit family.

DC isn’t home, but my father has been working in the area, and my mom and nephew were headed to town also. It’s perfect timing for a surprise visit. Due to the unpredictable nature of Space A travel, I didn’t even tell the kids we were going anywhere. I packed lightly and drove them to the airport on the pretense of “going on a field trip”. They didn’t ask any questions until after we were issued tickets and were on our way through security- you should have seen their faces light up when I told them we were going to see Nana and Oompa (Oompa as in Oompa Loompa- no, he doesn’t look like an Oompa Loompa).

We arrived a day before my Mom did, so yesterday, we picked her up!

It’s going to be a fantastic week.


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