A White House Christmas

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This year for Christmas, we got to go on the most amazing Field Trip (okay, Little Miss wasn’t too sure it was going to be wonderful…. but she’s three). We had a chance to tour the White House and check out the amazing holiday decorations they had on display.

I had been nervous about being able to go, because the tour was scheduled for my due date. Luckily for us, Baby cooperated, and came early enough to be toted along on the adventure. Unfortunately, having a new baby has decreased my attention span a little, so I forgot to charge the camera to be ready for the tour. Still, I ended up with decent pictures, but they don’t nearly do the White House justice.

I really wish I could have just brought you all along in my pocket though, because the most amazing thing about the White House this time of the year isn’t even the beautiful holiday decorations… it’s the smell. Every bit of greenery there was real, and smelled like heaven, and I spent most of the tour breathing deeply and pointing out all the neat plants used to decorate.


Cross Hall

The State Dining Room, with a 300 pound gingerbread White House


The State Dining Room


The East Room, and the White House Creche (sorry I don’t have a better shot of it!)


The China Room

The Vermeil Room

Little Miss and her favorite part of the tour- the Carosel horses in The East Room

The official White House Christmas Tree (it’s 18 feet tall!) in the Blue Room- we loved that it was decorated with patriotic decorations in honor of America’s service members.

Finally, my familyall six of us with the official tree!

Attending the tour was such a wonderful treat to us, and an awesome “welcome gift” as we get used to our new home here in the Washington DC area. I’m so excited to explore more of the city and it’s history in the new year!

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    1. They were amazing- I can’t even put into words how nice they looked and smelled in person. A lot of people put in a huge amount of work, and it made for a wonderful tour!

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