STEM for Kids: The Importance of Questioning

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This post is one small part of a HUGE series all about understanding STEM for kids. Make sure to head over to the STEM for Kids series to grab all the resources!

Our kids are constantly asking questions. They are born with a desire to understand the world, and a curiosity about all the things in it. Their questions (as tiring as they can be when they come at you every three seconds) are a beautiful thing. It’s kids who ask questions who will grow up to invent new things, solve big problems, and ultimately change the world.

I know that sounds a little bit like an exaggeration…. but it’s not.

Questioning is the core of research. It’s the start of the scientific method. If we never ask the question, then the will never find the solution. We want to encourage our kids to continue asking questions each and every day.

I’ve created this questioning journal to help kids explore all the questions they have, and to encourage them to look closely at the world around them. I don’t know about you, but I know that I have not always been the best at encouraging the kids questions, especially when they come at inopportune moments or I don’t feel like I have a good answer for them. My kids will be getting copies of this workbook too, and I am pledging to myself to do better at exploring right along with them.

Write, Draw, Doodle & Diagram (1)

This is a journal for the most curious problem solvers- includes room to write, doodle, draw or diagram their way through their questions. This journal is a perfect accompaniment to STEAM/STEM studies.

Six prompts include:

Today I saw:
I wonder why:
I think I know how it works:
I can solve that problem
I have a question
I have an idea

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