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Have you been apple picking yet this year? Apple picking is a fun tradition for many families who live in areas where there are apple orchards. But even if you don’t live in an area with apple orchards, you can still enjoy studying about apples and eating all kinds of yummy  apples each fall! You may enjoy reading Apple Picking Time before you set out. Its beautiful illustrations and lovely story are perfect for getting your family ready for your apple-picking expedition!

child holding apple in hands

There are many fun experiments and activities you can do with your apples–whether store-bought or picked by your family! You may want to make pies, muffins, cake, or eat them just like they are! How about candied apples or apple slices dipped in peanut butter or marshmallow fluff?

If you’re able to go apple picking with your family, be sure to stop long enough to take some family photos! There really isn’t much prettier than an apple orchard in the fall for getting photos of your kids. And be sure to check out this sweet little mini-book about apples! It’s a read-and-write book, so your child will fill in the missing words on each page, and color the pictures.

You can tape all the pages together like an accordion book with the apples on the front and back so it will fold up cute behind the apple. It’s a simple fun project to do before heading out to pick apples! Pair it with Apple Picking Time, and How Do Apples Grow? for a fun little unit study!

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