All About Sunflowers Unit Study

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Have you ever seen a field full of sunflowers?  It’s such a majestic and happy sight to behold!  My daughter and I enjoy the sight of these gorgeous flowers so much that we plant our own sunflowers almost every summer.  We like to plant a variety of different types of sunflowers: different heights, sizes and colors. When they bloom, the diversity is absolutely delightful. If you haven’t before, I would definitely encourage you to try planting your own sunflowers this summer as a gardening project in your homeschool and enjoy watching them grow!

And, if you love sunflowers, then you will definitely love today’s unit study: All About Sunflowers! This study is the perfect to go along with your summertime gardening projects, or simply to teach your children more about this special and beloved flower! With this All About Sunflowers Unit Study, you’ll learn together about the life cycle of the sunflower plant via fun and interactive activities such as: 

  • Beautiful and colorful graphics
  • Fill-in-the-blank labeling worksheets
  • Montessori-based, three-part cards 
  • An interactive nature journal

Using these materials, this printable unit study will teach your children about: 

  • Seed germination
  • Plant growth and development
  • Flowering
  • The mature seed head of a sunflower

Additionally, the included nature journal encourages your children to grow their own sunflowers and gather information using observation and documentation. This hands-on learning component is a great way to really get them invested, help them remember what they’ve learned, and teach them more about the scientific process! 

Note: If you can’t plant sunflowers this year or if you just want to have some fun, watch this time-lapse video of sunflower seeds germinating!

We hope you enjoy using this All About Sunflowers Unit Study for some fun, hands-on learning in your homeschool this summer! Click the link below to grab your copy of this unit study! Interested in learning more about plants or nature with your children this summer? Keep reading to find out about some other resources and books we’d recommend for you! 

Click HERE to download the All About Sunflowers Unit Study from the Only Passionate Curiosity Store!

Related Resources for You!

If you love the idea of teaching your kids about some of the flora and fauna they might see in their own back yard this summer, here are some great, additional resources to supplement the hands-on learning experience!

National Geographic Readers: Seed to Plant (Level 1)

This fun, educational read is perfect to teach the youngest learners (4-6) about plant life! You can get it here.

All About Flowers Unit Study

If you loved the All About Sunflowers Unit study and would like to use a similar approach to teach your children more about flowers in general, this All About Flowers Unit Study is perfect for you! It’s ideal for teaching elementary aged students about different parts of flowers and the flower life cycle, and it includes fun cards, printable learning cards and coloring pages. Click here to find out how to get this study.

Backyard Bug Book

This is a great way for younger-elementary aged children to have fun documenting the different insects that they can see in their own backyards! This printable booklet contains pages for several of the bugs that are sure to be active and busy in your garden this summer: Bee, Ant, Caterpillar, Butterfly, Moth, Beetle, Ladybug, Dragonfly, Grasshopper, and the Firefly! Your child can fill out what he/she observes about each bug on the provided page, as well as additional research to add to the learning experience! Click here to get this resource.

Free Plant Cell Printable Pack

If you are learning about various plants with your upper elementary or middle school aged student, this free resource is a great way to teach him or her about the different parts that make up the cell of a plant! This printable includes information about each part of the plant cell, a graphic for labeling practice, a world spiral and a crossword puzzle. Grab it here.

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