Our Sun and the Reason for the Seasons

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The kids and I are over the moon (ha ha) this month to learn about space!

Learning about the Sun

Learning about the sun

We kicked off our study by taking a closer look at our solar system’s resident star and why we have seasons. We practiced reading the words sun and star with Little Miss, and then we talked about how the sun, although it looks huge in our sky, is actually a medium-sized star. We discussed the fact that there are stars that are much bigger and much smaller too.

Then, we talked about what the sun does for us. The sun keeps us warm and helps plants grow! The sun can also be dangerous! We talked about putting on sunscreen and protecting our bodies and eyes from the sunshine.

After we finished the preschool activities, I brought out the globe to do a lesson with all of the kids on why we have seasons.

The Sun

The earth’s tilt can be a bit of a complex concept for young kids, but a hands-on lesson was exactly what we needed. A globe already shows the Earth’s tilt, so it’s the best choice for this activity. In a pinch, though, you could draw lines on a ball or an orange and use that to demonstrate the same thing.

After we covered the basics (as seen in the video) I reviewed the seasons with the big kids and had them tell me which parts of the world were experiencing what seasons depending on the position of the Earth in relation to the Sun. We also discussed why the equator is warmer than the poles. (Answer- It’s because the sunlight hits it more directly.)

This article was written by Heather–the former owner of Only Passionate Curiosity.


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