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With multiplication, practice is key- you really want the kids to be able to instantly recall their math facts. It’s really difficult to move ahead into long division without mastering this skill! Why not practice with some Saint Patrick’s Day worksheets!

This pack provides practice for the threes and fours times tables using visual methods.

Shamrock Math

The pack includes two kinds of shamrocks- three leaf and four leaf clovers. Your child can count the leaves to solve the multiplication problems, and continue practicing until they have them memorized!

This pack is 24 pages long, and includes count, cut and paste mini-books, skip counting practice, find-the-pattern math fact sheets, skip counting mazes, and a rainbow match worksheet.


Now, if your child is learning their times tables, I am sure this pack will be awesome help for practice, but I’ll let you in on a little secret . . .  Times Tales taught him my kids their math facts much faster than I could have taught them. This book turns the facts into one-line visual math “stories” that stick. Save yourself the hassle, and get your kids the book, and the DVD. They’ll have them memorized in a day, and then you can just practice with the kids to make it easier. Hands down, this is the best book I have ever picked up for math. (and, I rarely say this, don’t get the other brands- they aren’t nearly as clear as Times Tales– I talked myself into cheaper books before caving, and none worked as well or as quickly. Go for the original- you won’t regret it.)

Pick it up, and download your copy of our Shamrock Math Pack today!

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