rotten *feelings* I don’t really want to talk about….

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We are just a few short days away from boarding the plane and heading to our new home! I am SO stressed, it’s not even funny. The sad part is there really isn’t much going on to stress me out. We packed up our home two months ago, the car is on its way overseas, all the out processing I need to be a part of is done.

We have started “officially” homeschooling, so I don’t need to worry about new schools. I have begun meeting “friends’ online at the spouses club and the homeschooling group in Germany. We won’t know what our housing options are until we get there, so the “on base or off base” decision can not be made yet. We have enough winter clothing to make the transition bearable (I think).  The bags are mostly packed, the carry-ons are full, and there is nothing I can do to make the air travel any easier.

So why do I feel like I am going to crawl out of my skin? Maybe its the goodbyes… My family lives close here, and we are “home” constantly, I have a best friend here that I really *really* don’t want to leave behind. And then there is all the unknowns….. but I can’t even begin going into THAT.

Its going to be great, I know I am going to love living in Europe. I know this is going to be good for my family. I know when I get there, I am going to be more than happy. But I am still going to pout today about how I don’t WANT to PCS.

(I have been avoiding feeling sad by spending way too much time working on homeschooling lessons. If you are looking for Christmas or Thanksgiving lessons- check out the unit studies link under curriculum 🙂 )

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  1. Believe me, even after you get here and see how amazing it is, you’ll still have those days where you can’t shake that unbearable desire to just eat a really good cheeseburger (Germans can’t do these for the life of them!) or hug your mother. But the life over here is indeed worth it, as long as you aren’t afraid to jump in, make a fool of yourself speaking German and take advantage of all the amazing things there are to see and do here. Best of luck with the move – and perhaps we’ll run into each other at the Christmas market!

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