Our Homeschool Week in Pictures- Weather Unit Part 1

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We’ve been working hard at our weather unit and we’re loving it!

First we made a rain gauge and placed it outside.

Every day we check how much water is in it, and make a new guess about tomorrow’s weather.

We didn’t get much rain! But we got plenty of snow, which melted. Then we measured that precipitation too!

We checked the temperature, it was too warm for more snow, but still pretty cold!

We watched the thermometer go up with hot water and learned how it works to tell the temperature.

 Bug took notes of everything he learned for his science notebook.

Science and Math are Bug’s favorite subjects. He asks every day if he can “do school”, even on weekends. We don’t mind because Mom and Dad are having fun with it too!  Next week we are going to learn about measuring the wind speed and checking the direction of the wind.

(Unit is a combination of RSO, MBtP and Scholastic printables)

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