A First

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This month our family experienced many new firsts. December was our first full month in Wiesbaden!

Our First visit to the Farmer’s Market

My First Castle!!! We saw it while driving in a tiny town. They turned the ruins into part of the university.

The First Snow

Little Man had a hard time believing me when I said it was cold. So I let him test the porch out. He finally agreed to put on his jacket.

Miss Em wasn’t sure what to think of being bundled up and taken out in the cold that early in the morning (Mom made everyone get out of bed while it was still dark, we HAD to beat everyone to the snow!)

The First view of the Rhine!


Miss Em sat up for the first time on New Years Eve!

That’s it for 2011! We can’t wait to see what other Firsts wait for us in 2012!

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  1. Oh, what a beautiful castle and the photograph of the snow is *gorgeous*! You’re so lucky. The south of England is wet, but not snowy. LOL Hope you are having a lovely time in your new home. 🙂

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