Advice from a Mom of Four

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This post is sponsored by Gerber Lil Bits which are specially made to help crawlers learn to chew and mash.specially made to help crawlers learn to chew and mash.

Things I know

I am a proud mother to four little people. If it was up to me, and if I didn’t think it would totally kill me, I would have about 32 more babies. I just love the baby stage, and I love every stage that follows. There are some things I have learned after having my fourth baby that I wish I would have known when I brought home the first…. such as:

They don’t need as much gear as you think they do

The people who invented pee-pee teepees and changing tables and wipes warmers are probably sitting in their mansions somewhere laughing like mad that there are people out there buying these items. Do you know what a baby needs? Someone to hold them, a safe place to sleep, diapers for their bottom, food for their stomach, a car seat and something to wear. That’s it. Really. When we had the fourth baby, I didn’t buy a thing for him until a week before my due date, and even then, the shopping list consisted of three outfits, a pack of diapers, and a pack and play to sleep in. Everything else can be bought as you need it after the baby arrives. Your child may be the kind of kid who needs a swing to sleep- grab it when you make this realization, not before.

It’s okay to say no to hospital visitors

I really don’t understand why people think visiting a new mom in the hospital is a good idea. She’s in the hospital. To recover. It’s gross, she’s exhausted, and she does not need to entertain you. The baby is darn cute, yes, but this is her chance to get to know that sweet little person, and to feel better. Stay away. After the first couple kids, I am not afraid at all to tell people (even family) that no, they can not stop by. You can also tell the nurse to keep people away.

Nighttime is the best time

I love night time feedings because once you have a handful of kids, you never really have a chance to cuddle with just the baby. At night, everyone is quiet, and it’s just you and the smallest one. You may be sleep deprived, but nothing is better than staring into their little baby eyes and not having someone running around you begging for snacks, or calling for you to come save them from an imaginary monster.

Sick Babies = Panic

I wish I could tell you having a sick baby gets easier after you have done it a few times. It doesn’t. Even as a trained nurse, nothing makes me worry more than seeing a high fever pop up on the thermometer. Mama Bear instincts are a real thing, and they do not ever fade.

Peanut recently has been sick with a very (very) high fever, and it doesn’t matter how many times I have been told that fevers in and of themselves are not a bad thing, it still left me with my heart racing as I tried to cool him off. Nothing is worse than a sick baby even when you are an experienced parent.

Every Stage is Important

With your first, you’ll be anxious to move them on to the next level. You’ll wonder why they aren’t crawling, and you’ll try to help them walk, and you’ll want to introduce table foods right away.

When you have more than one, you realize how quickly each stage passes, and you’ll stop being in such a hurry. You’ll see every stage for what it is, and you’ll enjoy it all so much more. Peanut is just starting to explore new textures and flavors and soon will be ready for table foods. For now, he’s enjoying Gerber Lil Bits, a baby food designed to help ease the transition from pureed food, to table food. It comes in little tubs and is just chunky enough to encourage him to chew his meals. I just love watching the surprise on his face when he gets a spoonful of food with a different texture. Soon, he’ll be ready to move on from baby foods, but for now, I am just soaking up this moment, and am enjoying feeding him every little bite.

Four kids is easier than one

I know if you have only one or two kids you probably don’t believe me, but it is totally true. Every one of my kids has a built in playmate. No one is lonely. I always have someone around who can help me grab a diaper, make a bottle, take out the trash, or make peanut butter and jelly for hungry kids. The only time this doesn’t ring true is when we head out to run errands, and that is only because three of my four are still young enough to be dangerous in parking lots.

They are sturdier than you think

I remember worrying a ton when my first was little. Every bump and bruise had me wondering if he was going to be okay. Peanut doesn’t worry me nearly as much. Sure, he falls as much as the rest of them, and is determined to crawl up the stairs no matter how many times I tell him no, but I know that is is sturdy and strong and he’s going to be just fine. I’m still very careful, but I am not as anxious, and it’s a wonderful thing.

It’s over before you know it

This is why I wish I could have 32 more babies. You blink, and it’s over. I swear, I just had Peanut last week. And here he is, getting ready for table foods, and walking along the furniture, and calling me Mama. He’s turning into a Little Man. And my first baby is turning 10. And it’s terrible. (and amazing)

Gerber Lil Bits were developed by 80 experts who spent over 120,000 hours and tested 30,000 spoonfuls of Lil’s Bits recipes to develop perfectly sized bits to help babies master chewing… which probably makes their advice even more reliable than stories from a mom of four. Peanut has been enjoying his meals with the different flavor combinations and chunky texture. Try them with your little one today! 

Gerber 3rd Foods Lil Bits Recipes help babies learn to chew and ease the transition to table food.

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