Nativity Word Wall and Picture Memory Verses

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This nativity word wall and picture memory verses printable is perfect for young children! You can use it when teaching the Christmas story, memorizing verses, and practicing reading and writing.

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  • For children who are learning to print, you can let them use the printed word at the top as a guide for printing the word on the lines below.
  • You can use them for reading practice too. Simply cut the word and the picture apart and use them like a puzzle. Your children can read the word, choose the matching picture, and self-check by seeing if the picture matches the word.
  • Or use the pictures as a way of practicing telling a story. Allow the pictures to be used as prompts while your children tell you the Christmas story. You may want to write the story as they tell it (since it’s likely to be amusing–especially if you have very young children!) and save it to read in future years.
  • You may also want to use the printable picture memory verse pages to hang on the wall to help your children memorize the Christmas story. This version is from Luke 2: 7-12 (since the shorter version is probably better for younger children) and is the King James version of the story.

As you can see, there are multiple ways to use these pages. Homeschooling moms and teachers are famous for taking resources and coming up with lots of interesting ways to use them!

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  1. Does this site have enough printables I can cancel my k12 computer access next year? I want to go alone on curriculum but need to make sure I have access to necessary products

    1. Hi Stephanie! We add two new printables each week most weeks. We can’t be certain all of our printables will be just what you need for your child(ren), but you are certainly free to take a look at them and download then while they’re free! 🙂 Our printables are usually free for two weeks after they go live, and some are free longer than that.

  2. “sore” is correct in the King James Version. Thanks for the feedback on the font- we haven’t had issues with it in our home for penmanship since the kids just write the words correctly on the lines. They are good with letter formation, I am more worried about the spelling than anything else with these cards, and it’s just worked for us. What style penmanship are you using?

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