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I wish I had a super awesome Mother Goose Time activity to share with you this week…. but, uh, things kind of fell apart over here this week. Ain’t that the way it goes!

Little Miss broke her arm (while preforming an epic stunt involving flying off the top bunk of the bunk bed) so we’ve been a bit busy. Broken arms are a nightmare for three year old girls! She wants to badly to continue to do everything on her own, but she just can’t, and keeps hurting herself when she moves. So, we’re taking it easy. I’ve had a steady stream of PBS kids on, and I am keeping her on the couch and medicated until we can get into ortho to see what needs done to fix it.

Yeah, I’d say that’s broken.

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Not the kind of fun we were hoping to have today. It’s broken!

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She wants me to take that cast off because she “can’t get it.” Life is hard for a girl!

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Even though I don’t have a post for you today, I know y’all probably have awesome content to share with our community, so please, link up again with us this week, and take a moment to check out some of the other things my fellow bloggers are posting!

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  1. I am so sorry your little one got hurt. I pray she has a quick recovery. She is a doll, I love all her smiles with Mother Goose Time! Heal fast!

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