Mother Goose Monday: Humpty Dumpty

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Little Miss loved learning “Humpty Dumpty” this week, and doing the activities that went along with the nursery rhyme. Humpty Dumpty was only one of the lessons this week, but since it was her favorite, I thought you’d like to see what one day of Mother Goose Time looked like for us.

Mother Goose Time MondayThe theme for today was “Humpty Dumpty” so we started circle time with learning the nursery rhyme. We talked about Eggs, and what happens if you drop an egg (it may crack!) and how to be very careful with them.

The activities for today included a lot of activities we could do with her Big Brothers- so they helped out with her lessons.

Humpty Dumpty PuzzleLittle Miss practiced saying her nursery rhyme while “breaking” her Humpty Dumpty puzzles when they fell, and they trying to put them back together again. Her version of the nursery rhyme comes out a little silly because she throws in a lot of “Oh NO!”s after each line.

Humpty DumptyWe learned about colors in eggs, and made a cake together so she could break the eggs herself and see what was inside the eggs. The teachers manual suggested we do a craft, but after we cracked a whole bunch of eggs, she wasn’t in the mood to paint. No worries, our day was full enough with the other activities that I didn’t mind skipping one. There are always a ton of choices in the manual, so it’s easy to pick and choose depending on how much time you want to spend!

Today we also practiced some word recognition and learned the spanish words for horse, cat, king and cake, and introduced the letter “I”

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