Mother Goose Monday: Camping at Home

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We made it to the states. I am sure most of you probably already knew that…. but I am still in shock that we actually live here now. We moved into our beautiful house in Maryland, and are finally starting to get a little settled in. However, none of our stuff has actually arrived in the states, so in the meantime, we’re camping at home.

It’s actually kind of perfect (and a little ironic) that this month’s Mother Goose Time theme is “Camping”… so we not only get to learn about it during Em’s school time, we’re living this theme!

DSC_0060Our new homeschool room… just use your imagination, in a couple months it’s going to be awesome!

We are getting a late start to this box because jet lag has been no joke trying to move back, but I am finally starting to feel less like the walking dead. Today we got the calender and theme poster put up on the wall (don’t worry, husband of mine, I used sticky tack and did not damage your precious walls) and dug into the fun.

DSC_0089 DSC_0076

Little Miss seemed to just breathe one huge happy sigh to get back to “school”… I handed her the journal (a little workbook meant to last the month, with daily handwriting practice and other goodies) and in the time it took me to take the trash down to the street, she finished copying B-M. I guess we’ll have to have her go over those letters in a couple different colors!

DSC_0082 DSC_0075 DSC_0072 DSC_0070

It’s exciting to be starting this new chapter, in a new home. We’ll probably work as much as we can in this box, and I work to make the house more like home. I have a feeling even though we only have a couple weeks to finish it, we’ll still probably get through all the activities, because let’s face it, I really don’t have much in the house to keep a little one entertained!

I am really looking forward to the next month’s theme, because September starts the “new school year” for Mother Goose Time (you can start any month though) so we’ll be getting all new circle time displays and goodies which will be perfect for setting up our new school space. I’m excited to see it come together, and did in with all our lessons!

DSC_0093In the meantime, we’ll just be having a lot of floor picnics!


One last bit of “book keeping”- If you are a blogger, and have a preschool child, check out the new Mother Goose Time blogger program. Our partnership with them has been wonderful, and Little Miss is just loving working on her school each day. Apply today- and good luck!

Calling all bloggers MGT

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