Monarch Butterfly Craft

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Don’t you just love butterflies? Every time I spot a butterfly fluttering through my garden, it puts a smile on my face. They’re such graceful and delicate creatures. With this post, we offer a monarch butterfly craft tutorial that captures the graceful beauty of these insects.

This step-by-step guide will let you and your kids fashion their very own monarch butterfly, filling your space with a touch of nature’s elegance. After the tutorial, we also have a number of recommended books about butterflies and related crafts and activities.

monarch butterfly craft image of two papercraft butterflies

Before jumping into the monarch butterfly craft, let’s look at a few facts about monarch butterflies.

Five Facts about Monarch Butterflies

  1. Migration Marvels: Monarch butterflies are known for their incredible long-distance migrations. They travel thousands of miles each year, flying from Canada and the United States all the way to Mexico for the winter. This journey is one of the most remarkable in the animal kingdom!
  2. Brilliant Colors: Monarchs display vibrant orange wings adorned with black veins and white spots. These striking colors not only make them beautiful to look at but also serve as a warning to predators that they are toxic.
  3. Life Cycle: Monarch butterflies undergo a remarkable transformation called metamorphosis. They start as tiny eggs, which hatch into caterpillars. These caterpillars munch on milkweed plants, growing bigger and shedding their skin several times. After this stage, they form a chrysalis and undergo a miraculous transformation within. Finally, they emerge as stunning adult butterflies.
  4. Tasty Treats: Monarchs have a special diet consisting mainly of milkweed plants. These plants contain toxins that make the butterflies taste bad to predators, offering them protection.
  5. Mimicry Mastery: Monarchs are masters of mimicry. Some other butterflies and insects imitate their distinctive colors to fool predators into thinking they are also toxic, keeping themselves safe.
monarch butterfly emerging from pupa

List of Supplies for Monarch Butterfly Craft:

  1. Colored craft papers
  2. Craft glue
  3. Pencil
  4. Scissors
  5. Monarchy Butterfly Craft Template

Instructions for Monarch Butterfly Craft:

Step 1:

Select black, dark brown, white, and any shade of orange craft paper for the monarch butterfly craft. Trace the wing base on black paper, the body pattern on dark brown paper, the teardrop-like patterns on orange paper, and the small circles on white paper.

monarch butterfly craft step one-cutouts

Step 2:

Take the wing base and the orange pattern cutouts. Make sure you follow the picture of this step (below) to check the pattern as you glue the orange cutouts on either side of the wing base.

monarch butterfly craft - step two: orange cutouts being glued to black body

Step 3:

Try to fill the current side of the wing base with the orange cutouts nicely.

monarch butterfly craft - left side of butterfly complete

Step 4:

Similarly, attach the rest of the orange cutouts to fill the other part of the wing base. Keep the patterns symmetrical for both wings.

monarch butterfly craft - butterfly cutouts glued on body

Step 5:

Attach the small white circles on the outer edges of the wing base.

monarch butterfly craft - white spots added

Step 6:

Attach the dark brown body base along the middle of the wing pattern to complete your monarch butterfly craft.

monarch butterfly craft - completed craft

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monarch butterfly craft - two butterflies of different shades of orange

Books about Butterflies

Last but not least, here are some great books for kids about butterflies. These are affiliate links, which help us to keep this website running, so thank you for your support:

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