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Learning All About Apples

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Apple, Apple, how I love thee, Apple! No, seriously, you guys. I am so excited that apple-picking season is just around the corner–so ready in fact, I created a new unit study and activities to do with my kiddos! If you and your children are ready to learn all about apples, you’ll love this unit study!

Unit Study on the Life Cycle of the Apple Tree

This unit study is 18 pages of fun worksheets which focus on the life cycle of the apple tree. Pages include parts of the apple, the apple tree life cycle, coloring pages, and even an apple journal for tracking the planting of your own apple seeds. Because I have multiple kids, I love it when I can use my printables packs with all ages, and this one qualifies!

Check out a couple of the preview pages, then click the banner below to download your own copy in the OPC store:

We love when can have a unit study that also includes a snack that matches! Here is one that fits perfectly with the apple study…

Gorgeous Apple Tree Cupcakes Recipe

How cute are these cupcakes from Love These Recipes?!! These apple tree cupcake decorations are simple and fun to create! Use Oreos, chocolate, and Tootsie Rolls to create gorgeous, edible apple trees for the tops of your favorite cupcakes (or muffins). These would be perfect for autumn events, the first day of school, or family reunions! Grab the full (and free) recipe HERE!

Making Math Fun with Apples

While we’re talking about apples, I’d love to share some great ideas for making math more fun with apple-related activities! On the Hip Homeschool Moms site, you’ll find an article all about How to Make Math Fun (and Tasty). It incorporates the apple tree cupcakes recipe (above) with some simple-but-fun math activities! Again, these activities can be adjusted to make them work for younger or older children. Have fun!

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