Mastering the ABCs

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As a homeschooling mama, I have learned one of the biggest secrets of teaching—making learning fun is the best way to sneak in the small successes for our children.

Creating worksheets with fun graphics and pretty colors is one of the ways I like to do this, and I love to share them with others. You can pair the worksheets with fun activities and fun books to help supplement learning. It’s a really neat thing to see young ones grasping the concepts of each letter!

Go on an ABC Scavenger Hunt

My friend Karyn Tripp (Teach Beside Me) has a fun idea for ABC learning–a scavenger hunt! Use old magazines to search for the letters! Grab the details here!

Read a Fun ABC Book

Another fun way to solidify ABC learning is to read books which focus on ABCs! Here are a few of my faves:

Dr. Seuss’s ABC is a fantastic book! Just like other Dr. Seuss books, it includes lots of creative illustrations and wonderful rhymes! Definitely a classic ABC book.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is another classic ABC book! In this fun book, the letters of the alphabet race each other up the coconut tree. Lots of fun!

LMNO Peas was a new alphabet book for me, and it’s super cute! The book includes a cast of busy little peas from acrobats to zoologists, and it highlights interests, hobbies, and careers.

Alphabet Practice Worksheets

The sweet graphics and calm colors of these worksheets are just what my preschooler loves. To make this set last longer, laminate them so they can use dry erase markers to practice multiple times! It’s 26 pages of alphabet learning!

Whether you have little ones who are just starting to learn their letters or children who need to practice letters or who are learning to write, you’ll enjoy these book suggestions and practice worksheets!

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