Learn to Read Worksheets: Practice with CVC U Words

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We are *almost* done with our CVC words worksheet series. If you have a suggestion for what kind of worksheet packs you would like to see next, feel free to send them our way!

Today, we have the Cut & Paste worksheets for CVC U words. I tend to use this pack pretty early when we are first introducing the words. Little Miss puts her finger on the dots to sound out the words and blend them together. Then, she writes the word in the boxes, finds the matching picture, cuts and pastes it in its place.

I love that this pack brings together motor skills, and she is getting reading, writing, cutting, pasting and coloring practice all in one sitting. This is probably the CVC pack that takes her the longest to complete, so it’s really good to use while I am working at the table with one of the older kids.


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