Extraordinary Women in STEM Research Booklet

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For many years, women have played important roles in the ever-developing world of STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics). However, it’s only more recently that there’s been an increased emphasis on recognizing these women–and in encouraging girls to pursue careers in these previously male-dominated fields. Let’s knock down that unfounded stereotype of, “Girls aren’t as good at math and science” because history tells a different story! Today’s printable activity will give you a chance to talk to your children about some extraordinary women who made a big different in the world of STEM… and encourage them to do some research of their own!

What’s Included:

This Extraordinary Women in STEM Research Booklet will encourage your child or teen to research six women who have made a huge impact in the world of STEM. The six page printable includes lined mini-pages with each woman’s name, a cartoon illustration of each woman, and instructions for putting together the research booklet. The 6 women featured in this printable are:

  • Annie Easley
  • Hayat Sindi
  • Maggie Gee
  • Marie Curie
  • Alice Ball
  • Rachel Carson

Depending on your child’s age and academic level, you can decide what kind of key points you’d like for him or her to find out and write down about each of these extraordinary women in STEM. You may want to watch some videos about each one together, in addition to your child’s independent research!

After conducting his or her research, your child will follow the instructions in the printable to create a little book about these extraordinary women in STEM. You may want to use this activity as part of your language arts/sentence writing instruction as practice for writing different types of complete sentences.  Completing this research booklet could qualify as a history and science lesson, too! (Don’t you love it when subjects naturally overlap?)

Giving your child ownership over this small amount of research and creating his/her own little “book” makes this a simple – but effective and memorable- research project that your child can accomplish and enjoy! This project is perfect for upper elementary level students who are starting to learn about research. Click the link below to grab your printable Extraordinary Women in STEM Research Booklet!

Grab Your Printable Research Booklet Here


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