Happy Easter! March Tree Study

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It seems fitting that our Trees are finally showing signs of spring being here on Easter. I am hoping by next month’s post, they’ll be in full bloom, and have their leaves back. I’m ready for this winter to be OVER!

Tree #1  finally enjoying some sun. It’s still cold as can be, but at least there is sunshine!

Do you see the new growth? No signs of leaves yet, but the new growth is promising! The kids were so excited to be able to see the tree changing, because they were starting to worry it died over the winter.

Tree #2 still looks pretty sad from the distance. I’m still disappointed they did so much “work” on it this fall. But when you get up close:

Look at those flowers opening up! Soon, our tree will be covered in “Popcorn”! I can’t wait! Spring is here, and we are ready for new life in this house.

Happy Easter!

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